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Project Duration

02 Months



R&D, Marketing, Engagement, Business

My Role

Web Design, IA, Illustrations

overview is a business to business security and privacy services provider. Their target audience is very broad from home users to SMEs and Large enterprises. provides SDKs, APIs for various needs to their clients.

My role was to develop a web experience where user or the viewer can see all the necessary details at one glance.

The company contains multiple offerings for their target audience which involves 2 main products, one is the B2C solution and one is B2B solution.The idea is to provide info on both solutions offered by the company and navigate them to their respective web platforms for further proceedings.

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process that I follow is very simple.


Do research including contextual study, competitor analysis and interviews with exisiting users as well as the stakeholders e.g., management, marketing and engagement teams if there are any.


Once done with reserach and collected all the necessary data and details I get down to define the mockups which includes paper prototypes , wireframes and then low-fi mockups to define the assembly of the actual product may look like. After that I prepare the final designs.


I just love testing the product/service/design artefact, I love to hear what the user have to say once I present the product in front of them, this happens at two levels. 1st when I am doing prototyping and 2nd when I design the final version.
so, it's like multiple iterations that result in the final product and of course further testing would help to present a viable soltuion that can proivde benefit to the stakeholders.

Design WebDesign

Web Design Home

In the current design you see the 1st fold has been devided into two sections , each section is dedicated to each class of services the company has to offer.
Now the stakeholders wanted to show all the necessary information right in the 1st fold so we played a bit of trick to show key details and services/features offered by the company. As you can see when the user hover on each side the information will appear with couple of pointers to brief the user accordingly.

This was a tideous process as showcasing all that info and on top of it dynamically is never appreciated by the people I spoke to, but what was interesting that once the solution was developed and showcased to the same stakeholders everyone just liked it. We later ran a test with couple of users to see if this is something they like and the % of likings was a greater. WebDesign

Web Home Animated

Here you see the effect has been showed in an animated sequence where the same effect to show all the features and services offered by the company as described above.

You can see when the user hover each side of the fold, user gets extended information related to the same section. WebDesign

More inside Pages

here you can see multiple pages and their designs. As you can see their isn't much of detailed information to show on any other page, this was exactly the idea to show all the necessary info in the 1st fold for home page.

Rest of the pages are covering more of corporate information regarding the company, endorsements, sponsors and client details. These information is essential for corporate clients as well as to deliver the extensive information about the company. llustration

Illustration Concept

The concept of illustration is to showcase the team effort and a concept of team to be reflected in the web presentation.
As well as the depiction of prospective clients e.g, home users, SMEs, Large Enterprises, Technical Institutions etc.
I've used a flat design approach to draw the illustration and multiple characters to showcase the diversity and modern approach of the company.