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Project Duration

02 Months




Musab Ibrahim (design), R&D, Marketing, Engagement

My Role

Web Design, IA, Illustrations


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Being the oldest and largest VPN and security services provider, PureVPN wanted to deliver to the large enterprises and developed a solution that can help big organization to work securly and smoothly without being troubled by any malware or botwares etc.
In order to make an impact they wanted a seperate web presentation that can cater and inform the businesses across the globe. Since their primary product is Busiess to Customer so, a seperate web was much needed in order to cater and serve the business to business audience.

My role was to analyze, gather research and speak to exisiting beta users for businesses to understand and define the layout for the new business web design.


process that I follow is very simple.


Do research including contextual study, competitor analysis and interviews with exisiting users as well as the stakeholders e.g., management, marketing and engagement teams if there are any.


Once done with reserach and collected all the necessary data and details I get down to define the mockups which includes paper prototypes , wireframes and then low-fi mockups to define the assembly of the actual product may look like. After that I prepare the final designs.


I just love testing the product/service/design artefact, I love to hear what the user have to say once I present the product in front of them, this happens at two levels. 1st when I am doing prototyping and 2nd when I design the final version.
so, it's like multiple iterations that result in the final product and of course further testing would help to present a viable soltuion that can proivde benefit to the stakeholders.



Web Design Home

Wanted to come up with a modern look for this particular website however, the stakeholders also wanted to keep the web trends as well.
where from the competitor anyalysis I've found that there are specific color and layout choices made by various competitors and there wasn't much room for experiement as the management wanted to come up with a viable soltuion that resembles the existing market and provide relevance to the new business users.

Also one of the requirement to keep one page and show much needed information on 1 page, multiple arguments were done over the length of the page and several folds been deleted or replaced while iterating the designs.

The final version contains folds and information in it which are essential to see for the business users.
I've used hotjar to see that if the length of the page is good enough and it's not too long and to my surprise users did scroll till the 2nd last fold.


Pricing Page

This was bit interesting as the packaging and billing was totally different then the B2C. So, it was a bit complicated to show the user prices for multiple subscriptions and per seat billing and that has to be both monthly and annually.

Again! Research helped to come up with a gamify solution that can showcase all the above in a clean and efficient way.

The idea to color both 1st two packages CTAs was also from interviews where I noted that users also wants to see the minimum packages on top of the promoted ( center ) package. So, from marketing perspective in order to differentiate between these two I've used outline to highlight the middle one.


Mobile Responsive Design

You don't have to think about "mobile responsive design" these days, you've to 1st make it mobile resposnsive and then for desktop. This is I believe the modren day mantra for a successful web experience.

I did choose to define certain folds in mobile responsive design as I couldn't show all the info which was presented in the desktop version. So, we had to go back and do a bit of discussion on what is most important to be shown in the mobile version.

pureVPNBusinessIllustration pureVPNBusinessIllustration pureVPNBusinessIllustration

Illustration Concept

The concept for illustration is remove work with security and privacy, the main idea of having a VPN is to have a private connection in which many people can engage securly.

so, the businesses do have multiple offices around the globe or in other cities or more then 1 point of contact within a same city or town.

the idea to show that concept into an illustration where the image can depict secure work , file transfers in a secure network.