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I am honored to be part of easypaisa, the only payment of Pakistan serving more then 30 million users across the country, from big cities to small villages and from ocean to mountains the easypaisa app is the only app that is putting smile on the faces of people in Pakistan. Easypaisa app is continuously evolving and adapting new trends, new technologies, innovation and refining to be better at user experience. Easypaisa is a large scale app in terms of features and audience so, we are serving all classes of life, so, we've to be cautious and careful when developing ideas to make sure it is being used by many who may or may not understand the advanced apporach to UX. The large part of our daily practices includes user research, user testing, user behaviour analysis where we test and see how user is performing on the app and what problems user is facing so, we can fix it.


I follow a simple 3 step process | Research - Iterate/Design - Testing


We continuously get data from reserach department and from online mediums e.g, appstore and we convert the data to insights and take out the actionable items that we can do to improve the user experience in a feature or in app.


We then work on a various wireframes and come up wth various iterations to see which works well and which doesn't, we later then test it internally with stakeholders to see which design iteration is being agreed upon by the decision makers.


We then take out the best 2 or 3 design iterations and conduct A/B testing with real users who are from different walks of life to understand what are their choices and how they are interacting with the designs we've provided them, then we take out the feedback and further incorporate it into the final version and send it for development by providing accurate design assets and design handoffs to developers for better design delivery.

Later we coduct beta testing to highlight the design and functionality errors and get them fix before we make it live on appstores for Google, Apple and Huawei.



Confirmation and Receipts


Confirmations and receipts are the key elements for any fintech application and it's essential part of any transaction that we conduct online or offline
Easypaisa was facing many issues in confirmation screen being displayed in any transaction/activity and the receipts were unclear and wrongly positioned so, users were facing multiple problems regarding wrong charge, extra taxes, wrong amount, no consent and confused information on receipt screens.


Following the 3 step process (Research|Design|test) I came up with various iterations to reduce the content clutter on confirmation screen and receipt and by using minimalistic approach I've highlighted areas which are most concerned for the users e.g., price being charged, charges if any and what is the service or transaction type and same information was carried forward to receipt as well.

Furthermore developed unique icons to depict each transaction type and gave a sort of aesthetical touch to the interface of receipt so, it won't look like just another screen.
The results were astonishing when this went live and greatly appreciated by the audience.


Daily Rewards by Easypaisa


Daily rewards is the most used feature by easypaisa and most engaging feature as well since it's all about rewards.

The problem was to introduce an option to choose between rewards as the business decided to give option for users to choose whether they want reward type 1(cashback) or reward type 2 (free minutes) and make that as easy as possible and less confusing, earlier users were getting both and there was no visbility of reward type 2 ( free minutes)


So, following the learning from legacy reward flow of the same, I've highlighted use cases of various types e.g., old users , new users, 1st time users etc. and proposed a flow for each user type where they can get both rewrads or choose between both rewards. One interesting thing we came across was the choice of operators as when selecting free minutes it was confusing which network type the user might have, so while working on the flow and testing it I came up with a slight fix to it which was later appreciated by many as it's now very easy for users to choose which operator if the system selects a wrong user type for them.

Morever everything is editable even selected wrong so, giving maximum ability to users to choose and edit as per requirement. Comprehensive summaries of rewards and earnings along with intuations on when the rewrads will stop, when user have to recharge to enable them, how to claim them etc. and many other features were incroporated into the feature to make it most usable and user friendly.


Easyload and Mobile Packages


After money transfer, easyload and purchase of mobile packages are the most transaction/service by easypaisa app. Few additions were required by the business where users can be served with specific offers and Telenor users can now customize their plan based on their needs Also they can see the consumptions too of their bought package.


This was a bit tricky as most of the data was being fetched and shown to users from Telenor GSM, and this could easily confuse the other mobile operator users to select offers which aren't meant for them initially, so, on technical area we proposed that an additional call to should be generated by the system to detect user's operator before showing any information. This made it easy to serve user appropriate items.

later we then have to show appropriate discovery and positioning of custom package creation feature and see the consumption of it. I made a fairly easy to use interface that help user to quickly jump to requried screens and I've done A/B testing the package creation screen and consumption screen to find the best suitable aesthetics and positioning of elements.


Balance Based Rewards


How to show usres that when they send money to someone and the recepient uses the received money to recharge mobile or pay any utility bill the sender will get reward .😀 It's complex I know and that's why I was hired to sort this out.


As complex as it sounds it is a useful feature to improve the engagement and the rate of DAU ( daily active users).

We come up with a simple solution to create on-boarding for users and make a discovery point at the end of "money transfer" transaction by showing a banner to users that they can choose to become part of this pormotion. Which suprisingly many noticed and did opt for this promotion. So, makes it a successful approach.
Later was the phase to show how this works and how they can acheive the reward so, this was fairly simple to do and we added a status screen to show the sender that they can send notification to receiver about using the money into specific transactions to trigger the reward.